Released on Sep 5, 2021

Turbotic 1.1 – more than 200 new reasons to embrace Automation

The Turbotic 1.1 “Stockholm” release includes 200+ new features, 50% increase in partner and cloud integrations as well as offering on-premises support. This milestone release is the product of working together with our clients and tech partners with a special focus on customization and integration.

Value tracking dashboard

The Value Dashboard saves the headache of Automation managers and CoEs that today are wasting time  manually juggling and consolidating spreadsheets, RPA orchestrators and data visualization to show benefits. The Turbotic Dashboard seamlessly merges your project information and estiamates with real-time data from your live deployments to create one intuitive way to show saved time and effort. 


RPA Control overview

The improved RPA Control Module now allows for queue/transaction level tracking as well as improved visualisations and further details for tracking errors and exceptions. This makes our control module even better for the detailed operator/developer as well as solving the headache of showing performance in a format suitable for non-expert users and stakeholders.

Turbotic - Platform

Fully customizable roles and access

You can create custom roles with custom access to specific parts of Turbotic. You can mimic you organizational structure and approval lines to make the transition to Turbotic seamless and significantly easier than managing multiple spreadsheets and email threads.

Turbotic - Customizable Roles & Access
Additional highlights from the 200+ new features:

Fully customizable templates for discovery and build modules

Dashboard for your organisations users and usage

Automation Anywhere integrated

AI recommendation engine, Pythia, for automation technology selection

Improved notifications for project governance

Process map tool , build process maps with our builder or import ones you have

Self onboarding of users, invoicing and third party vendors

Additional KPIs added as default and option to create custom KPIs