Defined by our passion and a theory

Turbotic is more than a company, it’s a theory and an idea that tomorrow’s companies will have to adopt a technology-first mindset to stay competitive.

Orchestrate your digital employees

With technologies in automation and artificial intelligence, tasks and processes can be done by software bots and algorithms. This transformation will create a workforce made of technologies, and our goal is to help orchestrate and operate such organization with an operating system, called Turbotic.

“Our goal is to help transform, not one, but every industry, company and organisation, by moving from a manual to a fully automated and intelligent operation.”
Alexander Hubel - Chief Strategy Officer, Turboitc

Alexander Hübel

Chief Strategy Officer, Turbotic

Re-imagine what it means to run a company

Our vision is to create Self-Driving Companies connecting a vast number of Automation and AI technologies into one Operating system. Exponential technologies such as RPA, AI, NLP, OCR etc., will fundamentally disrupt a company’s operating model. A Self-Driving company is the concept of a fully automated and intelligent execution system build on such technologies to become more effective and operational competitive.