TurboticOS –
Built to orchestrate your Enterprise Automation and AI

From the first robot to full-scale Hyperautomation.

turbotic OS is integrated with leading tech partners:

Very unique and effective product in the Automation space

"Turbotic.ai fastens bot development by appropriately allocating development tasks and approval steps. Helps in Operating RPA and AI solutions from leading vendors like Uiapth, AA, Blue Prism, Power Automate. Provides a centralized management console for the entire Automation and AI solutions in real-time. Provides dashboards and metrics to measure the business impact of the automation. It makes it easy for Automation CoE to analyze and communicate the value of AI and RPA Automation initiatives across the enterprise."

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Prakash N
Head of RPA & Automation Tech studio

A much needed Operating System for companies driving Digital Transformation

"You can view the Automation Opportunity from Ideation to Implementation in a single flow which is the upside of Turbotic Delphi Operation System. Automatic Business case creation makes it more user friendly. Value tracking and Monitoring brings in more transparency from a Customer perspective."

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Lyakath M
Director - Automation & AI Transformation

What TurboticOS user are you?

Our goal is to make Automation easy for every size of Enterprise, anywhere. We built TurboticOS to make it happen.

Introducing TurboticOS

With TurboticOS, we put you in the driver's seat of your Enterprise Automation and AI transformation and help you avoid common pitfalls.


Explore the possibilities

Use the Discovery module to accelerate your Automation and AI transformation.

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Work smarter and faster with your Automation projects

Our best-in-class methodology will shorten project lead times and is also adaptable for internal compliance.

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Operate your RPA and AI-solutions from leading vendors

TurboticOS connects to vendors to manage your RPA and AI solutions in real time.

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Measure business impact

It’s always been difficult to analyze and communicate the value of your AI and Automation initiatives, until now.

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”When I speak with enterprises it's evident that Automation and AI are complex and that there's a need for something to stitch them together. What's missing is a system connecting all the RPA and AI initiatives from end to end. And that's our role!"

Theodore Bergqvist



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