Welcoming new employees

June 12, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Marcus Malek and Richard Bergman to the Turbotic team. Marcus is our new Product Owner and has a vast experience of product development and recently moved back to Stockholm after +12 years in London. Richard is our new Head of Growth. Richard brings +25 years of experience in the marketing and business operations field.

Marcus Malek, Product Owner, Turbotic

What is your previous experience?

Born and raised in Gothenburg, I am returning back to Sweden after 12 years in London. I spent the last 7 years growing a Machine Learning SaaS startup from the ground up to over 40 people, millions of dollars in revenue and clients spread across Europe and the US. Primarily working within product and strategy. Prior to that, I spent time in private equity and innovation consulting. Just before moving to London I ended my studies in entrepreneurship and innovation at Chalmers University and Business at Gothenburg University.

What do you think is the most exciting part of AI and automation right now?

The fact that it is on the verge of taking off. Meaning new roles, as well as centers of excellence are popping up every day and companies are investing significant resources into both. Equally exciting are the stellar ecosystem of tools, service providers and vendors that are making all this happen.

Why Turbotic?

For me it was a no-brainer. For example, as companies jump in or have jumped in on the AI and Automation train they will have to first identify automation opportunities and then show return on their investment as well as keep track of everything in real time. And that’s exactly where Turbotic and TurboticOS enter, just as Salesforce did for sales teams 10-15 years ago. Added to that, experienced founders with solid track records, notable investors, investments and you see why my decision was so easy.

What recommendations would you make to companies that are new to AI? And how should their journey begin?

AI and Automation is truly for everyone, it’s not just for enormous enterprises or companies with large or sophisticated IT operations. There are often instant benefits and one can start small. The key is to discover which processes and areas are ripe to be automated (and there are many) and then select the right tool for the right job. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar or multi-year transformation project, a couple of robots, some low-code or off-the-shelf AI models can work wonders almost straight away. And note, very few if any that start with automation go back. It is all about taking the first step.

What do you recommend for companies that have already started to invest in AI and automations?

To foster success in scaling and reaching the next level is to be able to maintain control as complexity increases with more vendors and more technologies. Thus, contributing to more stakeholders and sponsors which requires more accountability and visibility and this should be available in real time. Equally as important is the ability to show the value of your automation investment with solid KPIs and return on investment. This will not only showcase all of your good work, but it will also help with recruiting more funds in order to further invest in even more automation technologies.

Richard Bergman, Head of Growth, Turbotic AB

Tell us about yourself and your previous experience

I’ve been in the industry for quite a while. At Blocket.se I was COO and one of their first employees back in 2004 – and what a ride that was! In 2008 I launched a Blocket clone in Italy, Subito.it, and today it is one of the largest classified ads sites there as well. Then in 2012 I moved to Singapore with my family in order to help set up various Blocket sites in the Southeast Asian region and head up the operations in the Philippines. And this led to work in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and even Bangladesh! Once back home, from 2015 to 2021, I was Product Director at hitta.se which is the third most visited site in Sweden. And now I am here at Turbotic where I can leverage those experiences and learn new things too! Growth hacking is the name of the game and it is very exciting!

What do you think is the most exciting part of AI and automation right now?

As consumers we've experienced several big technology shifts in life, like Social Media, the iphone and many other techneological developments. However, within enterprise it has been a little less eventful. And of course the shift from client server software to cloud based SaaS services has had an impact on office life, the big changes have been fewer and further between. But now with automation, AI and RPA-technology enterprise is in for a huge change!

Why Turbotic?

Why not, Turbotic is the tip of the spear when it comes to the hyper automation revolution in enterprise. Situating us at the apex of theindustry. And it’s absolutely exciting to be a part of that!

What would you recommend to companies that are new to AI? How should they begin their journey?

I would say start experimenting and get your feet wet, but in a limited capacity. When and if you embark on the hyper automation trail you need to be prepared and organized. And this is why Turbotic’s TurboticOS plays such an important role.

What would you recommend for companies that have already started to invest in AI and automations?

I would recommend that they definitely check out TurboticOS! If companies are genuienly serious about AI and automation, they will appreciate the organized, clear and concise approach that the tool provides. I encourage companies to access a free trial today or ask for a demo at Turbotic.com!