Welcome Todd Hash to the Turbotic team

February 28, 2022

We are so excited to welcome Todd Hash to the Turbotic team as our Vice President of US Sales & Business Development. Todd has 20+ years of experience in the high-tech industry in various leadership positions, and he brings experience from large companies and start-ups.

We asked Todd some questions about the expectations on Turbotic and our entrance into the US market.

What is the most exciting part of AI and Automation right now?

I revert back to the excitement of the first iPhone. I remember when the day came when I had to turn my Blackberry over and change to an iPhone. I thought it was the end of the world. But now I can't live without my iPhone 12. I look at AI and automation a lot like that. AI is on the verge of really taking off with the wide variety of new tools that service providers and vendors use these days. AI & automation is definitely the place we are going; whether business-driven or personal-driven, it is an exciting time. It can, of course, be a frightening time as well; change scares people, right?

Why did you decide to join Turbotic, and what are your expectations?

Tubotic is doing something that nobody else is doing. I will give you an example; I used to wake up in the morning looking at a sales dashboard in a previous role. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, all customer satisfaction metrics were constantly in the red. I turned my head and looked at the dashboard's right side, and my pipeline was constantly in the green. This meant that services were holding the new deals hostage because of taking these customers from A to B. Our current way of working was not working correctly because of data issues. We would not have had these issues if we had done it the Turbotic way upfront, hence why I am here. It is about going back in and helping customers with their data issues, and TurboticOS solves these problems.

 "You don't buy your life insurance when you are 70, right? You need to buy it when you are 25. The same applies to automation and AI."

It is extremely exciting that Turbotic has a proven product and customers with an appetite for it. To me, it's like an insurance policy on your investments when you go into the AI space. You don't buy your life insurance when you are 70, right? You need to buy it when you are 25. The same applies to automation and AI. Get in the game now and get a bigger bang for the buck. 

What is your opinion on Turbotic entering the US market?

I think the timing is excellent, and the product is in a really good position for success. We have customers with the need and desire to scale their automation and AI solutions, but they simply don't have the tools to do so, and this is where we come in.

Regarding the entrance in the US, I believe we need to land somewhere and go deep and wide. Let's land and stay and make an impact. The word will spread about how we can visualize real ROI and how they can take their automation and AI experience to the next level. I see clearly how Turbotic will fast-track and go public in the United States since I don't see other companies in our space. Instead, I see the desire from many companies to do what we are doing right now.

What would you recommend to companies that are new to AI? How should they begin their journey?

To me, it's pretty simple because I've lived it, let's start doing it the right way out of the gate, and that's about putting metrics around your ideas and making sure you have the proper data gathered. Then you can start to measure it and see the real business impacts. I believe that companies that did not begin this way wish today that they would have done the analytical and data gathering parts correctly first.

What would you recommend for companies that have already started investments in AI & automation?

I would get in the Turbotic game very aggressively. There is some clean-up work to do and some optimization to be done. You need to make sure you get the bang for the buck. You need to have the proper metrics and the right volumes and ensure that your efforts are worth your wallet share.

Alexander Hübel, Chief Strategy Officer of Turbotic welcomes Todd to the company with the following words;

"Establishing in the US is a key strategic move for us. It is coming a little bit sooner than we initially expected due to the product picking up speed with large-scale Enterprise customers both in the Nordics and internationally. We see that we solve important problems for these customers, and the US is the place where we have the highest potential. We are delighted to have secured Todd to lead our initial efforts in the market. Todds' experience from building new businesses both from the Intelligent automation world and the wider Enterprise software world is what we need at this point. We are committed to creating a lasting customer experience in the US, starting now."