Turbotic welcomes Johan Lindsäter as new Finance Manager


October 26, 2021

Turbotic welcomes Johan Lindsäter. Johan is our new Finance Manager, previously Business Controller at ICA.

Why Turbotic? 

I am absolutely convinced AI and Automation will change the way organizations are being managed and Turbotic’s product fills an exciting gap in that market – therefore, the opportunity to join Turbotic was very intriguing. 

Your previous experience?

Prior to Turbotic, my most recent position was as Business Controller at ICA where I worked within the asset management department primarily developing our real estate branch. 

Why is it an exciting time with AI and automations right now?

It is one of the fastest growing industries right now and the fact that AI and Automation will radically improve everyday life as well as how organizations are being managed, makes it thrilling to be a part of. 

How can automation improve accounting? 

Automation can complete repetitive and time-consuming processes with minimal human intervention, for example updating financial statements and account reconciliations. By reducing such tasks, Automation will lead to high-value work environments where finance and accounting professionals can shift their focus towards strategic and advisory work.