Business insights optimizing your automation journey - a customer use case

May 17, 2022

Business insights optimizing your automation journey

– A customer story of going from siloed automation efforts to enterprise-level visibility of the automation lifecycle and business insights from production logs

This is one article in a series presenting use-cases and customer stories from the Turbotic Platform. First out is how we turned a large financial services firm into becoming more self-driving by ensuring better enterprise-level visibility of the end-to-end automation lifecycle. The project started small, but once it spread what insights one could receive from the automation efforts, it reached all the way to the CEO and CRO.

The problem 

Companies usually invest much time, effort, and money in their Intelligent Automation initiatives. Ironically, however, very few companies manage to track and follow up on their initiatives in a good way. At the large financial services firm, excessive time was spent monitoring and handling interruptions in the automation process. Data of processes and solutions were circulating in a closed group through different macro-based spreadsheets and were not visible to the rest of the company. Solutions were implemented in siloes, and they lacked visibility and an overview of their processes. Results were not properly followed up on compared to initial plans, missing transparency in the actual business outcomes.

The solution

The Turbotic Platform gives you plenty of essential business insights that can simplify your bot management, help you uncover unutilized resources, make better-informed decisions, and save costs. By collecting data from all leading RPA tech vendors such as Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Power Automate Turbotic can visualize all data both separately and cross-vendor and cross-technology aggregated. Data from vendors could also be combined with your process-specific data. These two different ways Turbotic gathers data gave the financial services firm different input types.

  • Execution data, meaning data coming from the bot execution, is visualized in Turbotic, where you can see how you utilize your bots, licenses, and machines/resources. In addition, you will be able to track Processes and Queues to identify patterns in performance on parameters such as; time of day, application, or resource/machine.
  • Process and business log data. You will be able to see how your processes perform, business impact, and output. 

You can set up customized dashboards visualizing all or a combination of your process-specific data and your execution data. You will also be able to set your own KPIs to follow up on the ROI and value your projects are delivering.

The large financial services firm could, through Turbotic, set up customized dashboards giving them business insights in real-time. The dashboards visualized data both from implemented solutions and tech vendors. In addition, it translated all their internal project data, previously circulating in different spreadsheets.

Business value delivered

The large financial services firm leveraged several benefits from implementing Turbotic. They moved from having data circulating only in small, closed groups to receiving enterprise-level visibility of the end-to-end automation lifecycle. The new way to collect, combine, and present data gave insights and a previously missing overview of existing operational performance.

In addition, they could now follow up on initiatives, leading to continuous improvement of their processes. All spreadsheets and macro-based reports could be exchanged, and manual monitoring and operational efforts could be reduced by 90%. The gained visibility and transparency opened up for continuous improvement and expansion in their automation efforts based on better grounded and KPI-driven decision making.

We are truly humbled that these companies share the same vision as Turbotic, and we have received much support from the customer’s team to make this successful. The customer acknowledged their business challenges and took decisions collaboratively to ensure sustainable growth and clear visibility with actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve their processes, track RoIs in their Automation journey for continued scalable investments.

How Turbotic can partner with your automation growth

Below are examples of insights that your business could gain from customized dashboards combining your execution and process data:

  1. Operational insights optimize operation and maintenance by visualization of cost and resource-related parts, including infrastructure utilization, productivity of robots, and operational performance.
  2. Business insights, including accumulated business savings, hours saved, and error reduction. These insights will make it much easier for you to follow up and keep track of your automation projects where you can easily compare the intended business case and realized value. It will be a lot easier to make informed decisions in the future and scale your Intelligent automation efforts efficiently.