Turbotic launches business partnerships in the Australian market

May 3, 2022

Turbotic launches business partnerships in the Australian market 

Stockholm 2022-04-26. Turbotic, built to orchestrate your Enterprise Intelligent Automation, today announces a market launch in Australia through our business partners Automatorr and Rationalz. 

We are happy to announce additions, Automatorr and Rationalz in our partnership program that establishes Turbotic in the Australian market and strengthens our position in the APAC region. Automatorr, a Process Automation collaboration platform, connects experts, service providers, products, and end-users for more significant opportunities and collaboration. Rationalz delivers logical, high-quality, and cost-effective IT solutions and services by supporting customers in questions of strategic business challenges. Both partners are experts in Intelligent Automation and truly understand the benefits a solution like Turbotic provides. Together we increase customers’ experience in the market of Enterprise Intelligent Automation further, making their automation journey smoother with better results.

 “We’re glad to partner with a product that helps organizations and Automation practitioners get the most out of their Automation investments. We like to associate ourselves with products that add value and Turbotic ticks all the boxes from an Automation practitioner’s and stakeholder’s point of view. This partnership further strengthens our presence as an ecosystem for Automation.

- Rajesh Nair, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Automatorr

“We are excited to embark on our partnership journey with Turbotic. We are not only strengthening our Intelligent Automation vertical but also solving a major challenge for customers in the APAC region, enabling them to track the real-time progress of their overall Intelligent Automation landscape and integrating various RPA and AI technologies under one umbrella. This will increase visibility for the organizations in terms of current utilization of the digital workforce and also allow them to orchestrate and plan well in advance for additional business processes to be automated under the same platform at reduced cost and higher savings.”

- Prateek Harjani, Founder and Chief Sales Officer, Rationalz

"Enterprises today cannot afford to ignore Hyper-automation. Two key success factors of hyperautomation are; 1. scaling fast and 2.running efficient AI&A Ops. Turbotic, Rationalz, and Automatorr together bring unique capabilities to scale Automation faster wtih end-to-end control on Artificial Intelligence & Automation projects and operations (AI&A Ops). Automatorr and Rationalz will enable customers to achieve both seamlessly."

 - Abhishek Kishore Gupta, CEO APAC and ME, Turbotic

Inviting Automatorr and Rationalz into the Turbotic business partner Alliance will not only help to broaden the Turbotic canvas but will also reduce the time to onboard new opportunities in these new markets. Automatorr and Rationalz enable our customers to easier connect with expertise and accomplish greater outcomes with their Intelligent Automation. 

About Turbotic

Turbotic, founded in 2020 and backed by Luminar Ventures and Öresund, delivers a SaaS product, the Turbotic platform, to support companies on the road to becoming self-driving. Turbotic is a fully integrated cloud platform built to support enterprises scaling Intelligent Automation that connects APIs to leading best-of-breed vendors such as Microsoft Power Automate, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath. Enterprises use Turbotic across the end-to-end Intelligent Automation lifecycle, from identifying opportunities to delivery, automated operations, and benefits tracking. 

About Automatorr 

Automatorr is a Process Automation collaboration platform that supports all four stakeholders in the Automation business – Experts, Service Providers, Products, and End User Companies. Our mission, at its core, is to enable people and companies of all sizes to thrive and accomplish great outcomes. At Automatorr, you can find an Automation Expert, Product, or Service Provider. - Hire Consultants on an hourly, weekly, project, part-time or full-time basis. - Get introduced to the good old and brand-new Automation products in the market. - Find an Automation Service Provider that’s right for you. We believe in helping businesses find experts and connecting products and experts with more opportunities. We’re heavily invested in making collaborating simple, intuitive, and value-driven. Be a part of the ecosystem - www.automatorr.com

About Rationalz 

Rationalz (HQ Sydney, Australia), with offices in Singapore, India, and United States, was founded with the goal of delivering logical, high-quality, and cost-effective IT Solutions and Services by partnering with our customers and helping them define and answer their most strategic business challenges, including but not limited to growth, profit, scalability, sustainability, and technology-driven business transformations. Our goal is to make customers successful by providing comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities and provide detailed reports that include a project plan with timelines and milestones, cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. www.rationalz.com

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