Turbotic chosen as one of the 50 companies of the future in the Nordics

June 11, 2021

Turbotic chosen as one of the 50 companies of the future in the Nordics

Techarenan Challenge 2021; Companies from all the Nordic countries have applied to be a part of the competition and the finalists are active in several different lines of business, such as cleantech, mobility, e-health, edtech, spacetech, foodtech and others. Among others, the companies will compete for the titles “Startup company of the year”, “Growth company of the year” and the “Social impact award”.

The Techarenan challenge is arranged for the eighth year in a row. This competition for entrepreneurs is open for Swedish and Nordic companies in the startup or growth phase that are based on an original business idea, with the potential to be commercialized on the global market.

The companies have been evaluated by an expert panel, where great focus has been on scalability, sustainability and that there are well-defined opportunities for growth. “This field of finalists of this year is one of the most interesting in the history of this competition, considering the large global challenges that are addressed by the companies and the values that they create. It is also impressive to see how many of the companies have managed to reach the market and attract big customers in a short time. It is clear that Sweden and the Nordic countries are fertile soil for exceptional entrepreneurs and companies. Many of the companies have already gained a foothold internationally and created a strong position for further expansion”, says Omid Ekhlasi, founder and competition leader for Techarenan.


Growth Company of the Year, Startup Company of the Year, The Audience Prize, The Social Impact Award, The Industry Prize, The Business Community Prize, and the AI and Technical Edge Award.

About the competition:

Techarenan is an annual entrepreneurial competition that is open for all Swedish and Nordic entrepreneur-led companies that are in a startup or growth phase, regardless of line of business. The purpose of the competition is to lift the Nordic countries as a base for innovative companies of the future, that change, improve, and develop their respective industries, as well as bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, politicians and experts.


Techarenan was founded in 2014, with the aim to lift entrepreneurship and innovation, and also to inspire more people to want to contribute to the creation of new companies with a global potential. Techarenan is today a platform and arena where entrepreneurs, industry, investors, politicians and opinion leaders can meet, form collaborations, do business and build networks. The ambition is to continue to build the platform with a focus on creating value for Nordic startup and growth companies that change, improve and develop their respective industries at a global level.

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