Turbotic announces official launch of Secure Code Review in partnership with Bot mantra

Erik Alenrud

June 23, 2022

Turbotic’s Integration with Secure Code Module efficiently integrates security leading practices into the developer workflow.

Stockholm, Sweden– June 23, 2022.

Turbotic, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the automation development lifecycle, today announced new functionality to reduce secure code review from days to minutes in automated scans. Delivered via an inbuild integration with Secure Code review module, clients can instantly identify vulnerabilities as they develop code. This allows organizations to increase code safety and developer knowledge within the daily developer workstream.

The integration makes secure coding an engaging experience for developers, with relevant skills-based pathways to write secure code at speed. Additionally, it was found that with faster release cycles, there is less time for testing which creates more opportunities for vulnerabilities to make their way into production code.

“Process Automation changes the very DNA of the business processes. Entire process controls framework, risk management and information security need to be relooked with a new lens. With Turbotic Intelligent Automation platform, it's very easy to implement controls across development life cycle and review them independently. Even frequent change management cycles are faster with our platform. Adding automated secure code review makes Turbotic Intelligent Automation platform a lot more faster as traditionally developers used to wait for few days for manual code review to get over. Now our clients can scale faster, optimize automation operations and all of this with better security standards", says Abhishek Kishore Gupta, (CEO, Turbotic APAC).

"As a trusted advisor & automation service provider, BOT mantra has continually strived to provide innovative digital solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of our ‘digital first’ customers. We strongly believe that integrating automation successfully across heterogeneous, changing environments requires a robust delivery framework & a robust automation platform.  We are very excited with our strategic partnership with Turbotic. BOT Mantra Secure Code Review algorithms integrated with Turbotic platform will enable our clients to realize speed, agility and more durable and easier to deploy automation – enabling them to scale and change faster", says Nishant Goel, (CEO, Bot mantra).

As cybersecurity is a top focus for enterprises across the software development spectrum, the adoption of a culture of secure application development across every team that touches the SDLC is an important first line of defense.

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