Turbotic Announces Integrations and Technology Alliance with Automation Anywhere

Erik Alenrud

November 1, 2021

Turbotic Announces Integrations and Technology Alliance with Automation Anywhere

Stockholm 2021-11-01. Turbotic today announces a technology alliance and integrations with Automation Anywhere – a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA).   

TurboticOS allows customers to control, command, and track value realization of their automation and AI efforts in one platform. With this collaboration, clients will be able to maximize their control of the entire, end-to-end processes of automation projects while measuring the value enablement of these implementations in real-time.

Automation teams using Automation Anywhere’s leading cloud RPA platform can use TurboticOS to get a seamless experience from making automation discoveries and setting up KPIs to managing live implementations and finally measuring the ROI of the automation in real-time all in one single interface. By integrating with Automation Anywhere’s platform - Automation 360  the TurboticOS control-module, supported by AI, will visualize data being processed in real-time. The integration will enable customers to track, operate, and manage bots, processes, and transactions in real-time.

“By combining Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native RPA platform with Turbotic’s control module, organizations can simplify the automation of  manual, repetitive business tasks freeing employees to focus on innovation,” said Amy Wilhite, Alliance Program Manager at Automation Anywhere. “We are pleased to have Turbotic join Automation Anywhere’s technology alliance program to enable  our joint customers to accelerate their automation journey.”

It’s a significant milestone for us to welcome Automation Anywhere, a well-recognized leader in the automation industry, to our ecosystem of partners. We now have an integration between our two platforms in place and Automation Anywhere clients can now manage their RPA pipeline, live solutions and measure their ROI in one visual platform. With Automation Anywhere connected to the TurboticOS platform, we’ll now support Automation Anywhere clients to accelerate their automation journeys and to move from RPA to Hyperautomation,” says Alexander Hübel, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) at Turbotic.

By connecting to a wide range of enterprise AI and automation technologies, including RPA, AI, Low-code, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in one single platform, Turbotic digitizes the entire workflow from idea to operations of live solutions. Turbotic’s goal is to support organizations in the Automation and AI lifecycle, with integrations to the best-of-breed vendors within these technologies. Therefore, we are pleased to collaborate with Automation Anywhere - leaders in Gartner’s magic quadrant for RPA for three consecutive years in a row. 

TurboticOS is made to orchestrate enterprise automation and AI end-to-end and provides support from discovery to tracking value in real-time. With built-in AI support and integrations to leading tech vendors that now includes Automation Anywhere, it provides a robust orchestration layer to manage automated business processes.

About Turbotic

Turbotic is an Enterprise AI and Automation acceleration provider with proven proprietary technology and methodology to transform. Our vision is to enable the world’s companies to be self-operating using AI and Automation technologies.

Our innovative platform, TurboticOS, enables companies and organizations to capture the total value of Automation and Artificial intelligence. TurboticOS lets you control, command, and tracks a wide range of enterprise AI and Automation technologies such as RPA, AI, Low-code, NLP, and IDP in one platform. 

Thru TurboticOS, we have created a turnkey solution with best-of-breed technologies to help you increase operational efficiency and reduce cost significantly.

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