Optimizing Your Intelligent Automation With Turbotic - Demo

December 21, 2022

Automation optimization and how it can impact your automation journey

In this in-depth session from Turbotic, you will see:

1. Why & how to optimize your automation program end-to-end.

2. How you can unlock major benefits and savings by digitizing end-to-end automation workflow.

3. How you can reduce your operational costs by ~70% and improve productivity by ~30%.

4. You will see a demo on how Turbotic manages all these aspects of your automation program intelligently and efficiently within a single platform.

5. An intro and demo of end-to-end Intelligent Automation Orchestration with Turbotic.


Alexander Hübel, Chief Strategy Officer, Turbotic

Goran Mladenovski, CTO, Turbotic

Nandan Mullakara, Founder, Bot Nirvana