Next Generation Automation Management

August 24, 2021

Welcome to the webinar: “Next Generation Automation Management” that we are hosting together with UiPath and Sweco.

Organizations face challenges when transitioning to a large-scale fully automated enterprise. As the Automation program scales up, challenges and complexity increases, and one needs to carefully choose the correct solutions and strategies to ensure secured delivery, business continuity, and the best possible return on investment.

UiPath and Turbotic are announcing a tech partnership with the aim to reduce and help manage these challenges. UiPaths software robots help automate more, while the Turbotic platform helps manage the e2e automation program. With the integration in place, these platforms work in perfect collaboration. Join our webinar to understand why, what and how.  David Hunter from Sweco, will explain these challenges in relation to his own journey by analyzing the life-cycle phases from discovery through business analysis and evaluation, development, operations and value tracking.

In addition, David will talk about challenges faced by organizations when transitioning to a large scale fully automated enterprise. Discussing how as the Automation program scales up, the challenges and complexity increases and what solutions and strategies can be applied to ensure secure delivery, business continuity  and the best possible return on investment.

Janne Sillanpää from UiPath will discuss several issues: Such as, when automation forms the connective conduit for systems, software, and applications, enabling them to work smoothly together.  Supposing personal robots step in to take on repetitive tasks, freeing people for higher-value work. Notwithstanding there are tools to govern and manage, so that you have the power to automate—at scale.  As well as, where artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Intelligence are easily brought into workflows, analyses, and decisions, delivering AI in every facet of businessoperations.