Maria Gabrils joins the squad as AI and Automation Tech Lead

February 16, 2021

The Turbotic team welcomes Maria Gabrils as our new AI and Automation Tech Lead.

Why Turbotic?

I was interested in the business idea of the self-driving company. From my experience there is a wide spread problem in upscaling intelligent automation initiatives, the TurboticOS platform are addressing the issues and obstacles I’ve seen in so many organizations. So Turbotic caught my attention with their approach to solve this problem, that in combination with the chance to work in such highly motivated and strong team.

What is the most exciting part of Automation (RPA) and AI right now?

Within AI and Automation the boundaries of what is possible are expanding and it enables continuous improvements. However, for me the most exciting part is experiencing AI and Automation combined with human interaction at a level which goes unnoticed because it flows and interacts in a way that is seamlessly optimized.

What would you recommend to companies that are new to RPA? How should they begin their journey?

First and foremost by looking at their processes and subprocesses and evaluating if these can be performed more efficient and with higher quality. Combining people diverse skillsets in cross functional teams enables comprehension of the potential interaction between different technologies. This I believe is the receipt for a successful end to end automation.

What would you recommend for companies that already have started to investments in  Automation and AI?

To continue exploring new technologies and start creating an eco-system of different Automation and AI solutions best suited for their needs.