Idea module - optimize your automation pipeline with an employee-led approach

Maria Gabrils

February 15, 2022

Your new channel to collect ideas by democratizing and optimizing the automation idea pipeline

After automating all quick wins or low-hanging fruits in your organization, it is crucial to have an incoming flow of new processes for automation to scale successfully. To attain an incoming flow and convert to opportunities, it is essential to collect, define and analyze ideas in an efficient and structured way. It can be demanding to fill your automation pipeline since the automation experts in your company rarely also possess deep knowledge about your company processes. Instead, you want to engage your organization and have an employee-led idea generation approach since they are the actual process experts. 

Historically the most common methods for collecting project ideas to automate have been to either use a process and/or task mining approach or to have automation experts go out to discover automation opportunities themselves. However, these options are very time-consuming and costly and requires deep expertise within automation. With this short article, we are highlighting TurboticOS new Idea module as a third alternative that is less costly, less time-consuming, and let's you capture the ideas straight from the process owners themselves. 

The Idea module offers a new way of collecting, defining, and analyzing ideas for automation projects. It is a combination of process knowledge and data assessment, where the skills and expertise from the business are captured as data for the technology assessment. The Idea module is an employee-driven approach to opportunity identification where ideas are submitted by a business user or process owner with process-specific knowledge. The module management tool has a straightforward interface and asks ten questions to define the essential data for a high-level assessment. Further on, after collecting and defining the ideas from the business, a high-level analysis of the idea is generated through an automation feasibility score. The score is based on the ten questions and recommends a proposed solution technology.

This module gives you everything required to collect, define, analyze, and track new ideas for automation that can be converted to a Discovery Project for detailed analysis.

With the new Idea module in TurboticOS, you will be able to:

1. Increase the number of automation candidates to the COE 

Engage business in generating and identifying ideas for potential automation projects with an employee-led automation mindset within your organization. By letting the business identify and define ideas, you will find opportunities where you otherwise would not.

TurboticOS centralizes the innovation projects while decentralizing the idea generation and innovation process throughout the organization leading to a faster and scalable project pipeline.

2. Reduce lead time

Include colleagues from the organization's business units to specify the process details directly in TurboticOS, instead of emailing and meetings. The TurboticOS Idea module is your opportunity pipeline management tool that shortens the overall project time by reducing its lead time.

3. Optimize utilization of automation experts

Another great benefit of decentralizing the idea generation is to optimize effort from automation experts. Automation consultants are expensive, and internal automation experts are often scarce recourses; optimizing their effort will increase the efficiency of the whole transformation initiative. 

TurboticOS decentralizes the idea capturing and high-level definition to the businesses and executes a high-level idea assessment. The first touchpoint for the automation experts will be to look at the ideas its recommendations and convert the promising ones to further analysis in the Discovery module.


  • Open for all employees 
  • Pipeline visualization
  • Ten mandatory assessment questions
  • Feasibility score
  • Technology recommendations 
  • Convert Idea to Discovery project