Turbotic 1.3 - What's New?

Release 1.3 - here to optimize the automation lifecycle

The Stockholm release 1.3 is packed with new smart features. The focus in the latest release has been to develop features for the automated lifecycle by supporting decision making through visualization of performance and focusing on functionality to support enterprise readiness.

Save time and effort with an automatically generated business case

Forget your excel calculations and PowerPoint presentations and be blown away by how easily Turbotic 1.3 creates your business case. In Turbotic, the new feature allows for an automatically generated business case. Fill in the as-is process data in the Discovery project, estimate implementation effort, and receive your project business case at once.

Cost-effectively monitor the performance of your automation through predictive maintenance features

Enabled by our ML models, Turbotic predicts and categorizes the data from your integrated vendors. This is visualized in diagrams and dashboards for the user to see trends and predictions of process data. Furthermore, new updates will notify you on identified abnormalizes.

Predictive maintenance helps your operations by;
• Identifying irregularities in a process
• Predicting process errors
• Categorization of error messages

Democratize idea generation safe & secure with the new extensive access control

The single-sign-on (SSO) option in Turbotic lets everyone into the platform secure and compliant without using any passwords. This has been a wanted functionality from our customers to simplify the use of our Idea module - enabling it to be sent out to all employees. SSO and the new access settings allow the entire organization to use the platform for everyone’s own purpose. Invite business users as well as developers and ensure that data is appropriately shared according to organizational access rights.

Additional highlights

ServiceNow integration - The new integration in the control module gives you the automatic generation and
tracking of ServiceNow tickets.

Autogenerated Business case - Turbotic provides an automated business case from your process data.

Error categorization and prediction - Presents an analysis of error logs generated from the connected    
platforms’ execution logs.

Front-end improvements - Clickable graphs in control enable filtering and deep-diving into the graphs’ data.

Net / Gross graphical presentation - New charts in Value to present the total amount of savings.

Single-sign-on - This allows you to invite new users to the entire platform in a secure and simplified manner     
and gives you unlimited access to free Turbotic functionality “Idea.”