Released on Sep 5, 2021

Turbotic 1.2 – More than ever before

Turbotic is packed with new features that help you discover automation ideas, utilize your resources, and enables you to prepare for Hyperautomation. In the Turbotic 1.2 Stockholm release, we launch an entirely new module; Idea. We also release improved versions of the Discovery and Control modules with new design, functionalities, and more intelligent features. In addition, we have extended the tech stack to Control with the Microsoft Power automate (RPA) integration in the release.

Utilize your resources and save cost

New functionality has been added to our control module that moves Turbotic one step further to become an end-to-end Hyperautomation operating system. The updated control module has improved data visualization of your RPA operations performance where all data from connected vendors are updated live. This provides you with maintenance insights on your processes, queues, robots, resources, and schedules. With the new version, all selected operational data is tracked and measured for your organization to identify error patterns and unutilized resources and licenses. This will be key for companies when wanting fast answers to utilization questions and will help to decrease license and maintenance costs.

Turbotic - Platform

Democratize A&AI idea generation

The brand new module Idea Box is a democratization enabler for discovering automation ideas empowered by Turbotic recommendation engine based on a neo4j graph database. Our clients have expressed the need for a opportunity funnel creator because of their common struggle to optimize the pipeline of automation opportunities. We listened and added a new module to solve their problem. The purpose of the Idea Box is for anyone at a company to send in their ideas on automation opportunities to the automation and AI team. By doing this, organizations can democratize the identification effort and optimize their discovery pipeline. 

Turbotic - Democratize & AI Idea Generation

Prepare for Hyperautomation

Enhanced user experience and several new features that boost Hyperautomation discoveries are two main objectives with our updated Discovery module. As a result of client feedback, the new version of our Discovery module increases the level of modification options and customization possibilities of projects and fields. This makes our discovery module better suited for each individual company and ensures quality and further visibility through the discovery process.

Turbotic - Prepare for Hyper Automation
Additional highlights from new features:

Auto-qualify automation opportunities in our idea box

Visualize robot and resource consumption in the control module

Map out and visualize your processes with our newly designed process diagram

Optimize scheduling, processes, and queues in our control module

The Discovery landing page is redesigned featuring your projects and new filtering options for a smoother user experience.

Receive actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve your automation and AI performance

We have extended the tech stack to the control module with the Microsoft Power automate (RPA) integration in the release.

Receive actionable insights and recommendations on how to improve your automation and AI performance