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Introducing TurboticOS

Plan, implement and measure all your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI initiatives in one place.

Optimize your Automations (RPA) and AI with TurboticOS

TurboticOS is the only solution which integrates with all tech vendors and manages all technologies necessary for Hyperautomation to get end-to-end visibility in one single platform.


Analyzes what business processes in your organization are best suited for Automation, and what specific RPA-solutions to use.


Built-in best practices to build Automation (RPA) and AI solutions. Shorten project lead times.


Manages your entire Automation (RPA) and AI-solutions from all vendors in real time.


Track ROI of your RPA and Automation investments in real time.

What TurboticOS user are you?

RPA-deployment is up and running and you have a dedicated Automation team

You now have traction - great, now is the time to move beyond the low-hanging fruits of Automation/RPA.

TurboticOS will help you avoid the classic pitfalls of growing Automation and team.

“Ad hoc automation”, it’s only spreadsheets and Powerpoints...

A single structured platform to support your entire Automation workflow.

You have already taken all the low-hanging Automation fruits...

A systematic approach to identify and evaluate your next automation opportunities.

Management is still not sure what you are doing or why...

It’s time to request an Automation budget and with that comes ROI responsibilities.

TurboticOS will help you do Automation right from the beginning...

Show management the benefits of Automation without them having to understand code or logs. Track KPIs and calculate ROI automatically.

The initial team grows into a Center of Excellence for Automation

You’re running many RPA deployments and looking into other technologies. You are constantly quizzed about ROI and what are the next tech solutions. Operations of your Automations are getting more and more complex.

TurboticOS becomes your central hub for a centralized overview of an increasing amount of Automation complexity.

You need to manage requests and stakeholders from all corners of your organization...

TurboticOS offers a standardized way to communicate performance and benefits to stakeholders.

Your Automation efforts are spread across offices, maybe even countries, and keeping tabs is increasingly time consuming...

TurboticOS offers live tracking of all Automation efforts and solutions with proper governance and control.

Now you need to prioritize amongst many Automation opportunities...

TurboticOS offers a dedicated Discovery module to help you choose the right opportunities.

To access further funding, you are asked for more and more reports, and management often want them yesterday...

TurboticOS shows management friendly performance and value metrics, available at your fingertips in our Control module.

You have exhausted RPA as an Automation solution and you’re not familiar with other tech...

TurboticOS scales beyond RPA with multiple Automation and AI vendors integrated.

No standardized tool or way of working, it’s a chaos of spreadsheets and powerpoints...

TurboticOS is the world’s first and only platform made for supporting the Center of Excellence across the Automation lifecycle.

Making Automation part of your enterprise DNA

You are managing a large, likely multinational Center of Excellence, and a suite of technologies. Your days are full of stakeholder meetings and gathering reports to keep on top of things.

TurboticOS will make sure you leverage the full potential of Enterprise Automation.

You have too many vendors, each with their own UI and way of reporting...

A technology agnostic tool that brings visibility and gather all automation vendors in, under one roof.

Each office or country has found their own way of solving things, meaning you have limited insights and ability to drive re-use...

A user-friendly tool, that you can customize to make sure everyone work and collaborate in the same way.

Projects are increasingly complex and often require a mix of technologies...

A built-in workflow to identify and analyze opportunities, that requires advanced solutions and ways of measuring performance and ROI.

You are being asked to optimize your operations and drive efficiency, just like any large organization. You need full time resources to manage and understand data...

A structured way to consolidate project and performance data to analyze opportunities for improvements in your processes.

You have complex internal governance structures that add a lot of operational headache to make sure all teams and tools are compliant...

TurboticOS will mimic your governance structure and approval flows – all in one place.


Explore the possibilities

This module helps analyze what business processes in your organization are best suited for Automation, and what specific RPA-solutions to use. Get suggestions on processes to automate in your organization together with proposed technologies to use.


Visualizes Automation (RPA) and AI process candidates

Automated analysis and process discovery

RPA-solution proposals powered by AI

Business case creation


Work smarter and faster with your Automation projects

Our best-in-class methodology will shorten project lead times and is also adaptable for internal compliance.


Best-in-class RPA-implementation methodology

Internal compliance

Shortens your development by appropriately allocating development tasks and approval steps.


Operate your RPA and AI-solutions from leading vendors

TurboticOS manages your entire Automation and AI-solutions from all vendors in real time.


Manage robotic processes (RPA) and AI

Track vendor license utilization

Onboard new robots, models and solutions


Measure business impact

It’s always been difficult to analyze and communicate the value of your AI and Automation initiatives, until now.


View and show all your Automation and AI investments and technologies in one interface

Track KPIs and measure ROI

Export executive reports

We support Hyperautomation

Automate repetitive tasks, inject intelligence into your processes and enable your human workforce to focus on growth and innovation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates repetitive tasks from single computers and across entire business processes.


Solutions providing improved prediction and decision support based on data and learning.


Cognitive agents interacting with users can handle tasks that require judgement and learning.


Accelerating software development and releases with drag-and-drop functionality.


AI-based software for text analytics improves efficiency, transparency and compliance.


Creating traceability and transparency in transactions and processes.

TurboticOS 1.1 release

The new TurboticOS 1.1 release includes several new integrations for leading tech vendors, end-to-end features and value tracking.  

Professional Services

Our professional services team specializes in Automation and AI. We support clients driving their transformation journey – from advising on strategic topics to discovering opportunities and implementing automation and AI solutions.

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