UiPath and Turbotic join forces

June 22, 2021

UiPath and Turbotic join forces to simplify hyperautomation with the Turbotic Operating System.

Today Turbotic is pleased to announce its Advanced Tech Partnership with UiPath.

Stockholm 2021-06-22. TurboticOS is an AI-supported system to control the complete workflow of implementing Enterprise AI and Automation solutions.

As the number of technology vendors With the complexity of managing and controlling several AI and Automation technologies, organizations increasingly face a challenge to orchestrate and deliver successful transformation. However, with UiPath’s proven and acclaimed technology integrated into Turbotic’s TurboticOS, organizations can maximize their control of the complete process of Automation projects end-to-end and measure the value enablement of said implementations in real-time.

UiPath and Turbotic have teamed up to make it simple for businesses to accelerate AI and automation initiatives. Through TurboticOS, customer of UiPath can now manage the complexities that often occur when onboarding several different automation platforms. Being a part of TurboticOS means UiPath helps simplify the day-to-day AI and automation operations for customers. TurboticOS helps track, operate, and manage your robots and processes.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with UiPath, a well-known leader in our industry. We have also received support from their team, and we strongly believe that our combined efforts will help organizations towards a more successful automation journey”, says Theodore Bergqvist, CEO at Turbotic.

TurboticOS is a technology-agnostic platform that recommends the right solution for the right customer. Turbotic’s goal is to offer the best-of-breed vendors in the Automation and AI space. The TurboticOS AI engine ‘Pythia’ gains intelligence from previous implementations and recommends the correct solution for each particular business predicament. Lastly, with TurboticOS, you can visualize the value of your implemented solutions and show the KPIs:s in real-time, along with the ability to measure the financial upside of the automation and AI solution.


Turbotic is a well-known Enterprise AI and Automation acceleration provider with proven proprietary technology and methodology to transform. TurboticOS, our innovative platform, enables companies and organizations to capture the total value of Automation and Artificial intelligence. TurboticOS lets you control, command, and track a wide range of enterprise AI and Automation technologies such as RPA, AI, Low-code, NLP, OCR, and Blockchain, all in one single platform. TurboticOS digitizes the entire workflow from idea submission to operations of live solutions and value realization. With TurboticOS, we have created a turnkey solution with the best-of-breed technologies that help to increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce cost.

Ui Path

Leading the automation first era is UiPath - Enabling robots to learn new skills through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, improving business productivity, efficiency, employee engagement, and customer experience worldwide. Based in New York, USA, UiPath has operations in Asia/Pacific, EMEA, and North America. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation. They combine the leading RPA technology with a suite of capabilities, including process mining and analytics, enabling organizations to scale digital business operations rapidly.