Turbotic releases an Operating System to create Self-Driving Companies

April 9, 2021

Executing on its vision to create Self-Driving Companies Turbotic today launched TurboticOS. With life-cycle capabilities and built-in AI, TurboticOS will be key to scale Enterprise AI and Automation (RPA) implementation.

Turbotic’s TurboticOS addresses an increasing complexity to implement and command AI and Automation technologies and will act as an orchestrator and management layer for such technologies.

“Our mission is to create Self-Driving companies through AI and Automation”, says co-founder and CEO Theodore Bergqvist.

“As the complexity increases in how to handle these AI and Automation technologies and solutions, there is a strong need for an operating system to put the lights on. TurboticOS is like Android for AI and Automation”, concluded Mr Bergqvist.

Turbotic has previously announced partnerships with leading AI and Automation vendors such as UiPath, Blueprism and Microsoft. TurboticOS will, with help from its proprietary AI engine analyze, control and optimize all AI and Automation implementations in one system, as well as enabling the possibility to track value and ROI in real time of such technologies.

About Turbotic

Turbotic was founded by Theodore Bergqvist, an experienced entrepreneur with a strong track-record of building and scale companies in tech and media.

Turbotic was founded in August 2020 together with the founders and investment firm Luminar Ventures, Öresund and a small consortium of private investors. Turbotic’s mission is to create an operating system to help companies and organizations to implement and control AI and Automation technologies.

Press contact
Theodore Bergqvist
Mail: theo@turbotic.com
Phone: +46 (0)703474927
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