Turbotic Announces Integrations with UiPath

June 29, 2021

Enables customers to connect all of their automations and artificial intelligence into one visual platform – from identifying opportunities, to delivery, operations, a2nd value tracking.

Turbotic today announced it has integrated its TurboticOS with UiPath, a leading provider of enterprise automation software. TurboticOS allows customers to control, command, and track value realization of their automation and AI efforts in one single platform. By connecting to a wide range of enterprise AI and automation technologies, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, Low-code, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Blockchain in one single platform, Turbotic digitizes the entire workflow from idea to operations of live solutions.

As the complexity of managing and controlling several AI and automation technologies increases, organizations face a challenge to orchestrate and deliver successful digital transformation efforts. With the UiPath platform fully integrated into Turbotic’s TurboticOS, organizations can maximize their control of the full, end-to-end processes of automation projects while measuring the value enablement of these implementations in real time. This helps simplify day-to-day operations for customers, while ensuring that they are enabled to track their investments in real-time to ensure the best return on investment.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with UiPath, a well-known leader in the software automation space. We strongly believe that our combined efforts will help organizations towards a more successful automation journey,” said Theodore Bergqvist, CEO at Turbotic.

“The Turbotic-UiPath integration enables enterprise organizations to easily begin their automation journey, successfully mature and scale their automation initiatives, and refocus their workforce on business transformation,” said David Pearson, Technology Alliances Director at UiPath.  

TurboticOS is a technology-agnostic platform that recommends the right solution for the right customer. Turbotic’s goal is to offer the best-of-breed vendors in the Automation and AI space. The TurboticOS AI engine ‘Pythia’ gains intelligence from previous implementations and thus recommends the correct solution for each particular business predicament. Lastly, with TurboticOS you are able to visualize the value of your solutions and show the KPI:s in real time, along with the ability to measure the financial upside of the automation and AI solution.

To learn more about the UiPath and Turbotic integration, please visit here.

About Turbotic

At Turbotic we are providers of Enterprise AI and Automation acceleration, with a proven proprietary technology and methodology to transform. TurboticOS, our innovative platform, enables companies and organizations to capture the full value of Automation and Artificial intelligence. TurboticOS lets you control, command, and track a wide range of enterprise AI and Automation technologies such as RPA, AI, Low-code, NLP, OCR, and Blockchain, all in one single platform.

Through this, we digitize the entire workflow from ideas to operations of live solutions. With TurboticOS, we have created a turnkey solution with best-of-breed technologies that helps to increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce cost.


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