Our team is growing

Warm welcome to Chriss Grau and Johan Lorentzon! Chriss, our new Account Manager, brings extensive experience in Managed Services and SaaS from Dustin. Johan is our new AI and Automation Lead, previously senior management consultant in Data & Analytics at @ey.

Chriss Grau

What do you think is the most exciting part of AI and automation right now?

The field of AI and automation has developed tremendously in the last couple of years, so much so that the sky is the limit. So far, we have only managed to scratch the surface. The future looks very bright for companies that believe in the technology and are able to invest in AI solutions. 

Why Turbotic?

I strongly believe in the vision of Turbotic and of course the people! It is not every day you get the opportunity to be part of a startup that has the financial ability to scale, an incredible and unique product as well has an amazing team behind it. 

What would you recommend to companies that are new to AI? How should they begin their journey?

For companies that are starting their journey, I would encourage them to start sooner rather than later as the technology is here to stay and AI is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Companies need to prioritize new ways of working that allow for efficiently and that drive down costs. When a company invests in a talent, they are responsible to ensure their time is well spent and should therefore try to eliminate time consuming tasks and make sure everyone has time to make an impact to the core business in order to gain a greater competitive advantage.  

 We should start looking at AI as we did with managed services, specifically public cloud, companies were hesitant, but the thought of investing in a new data center today is ludicrous unless you absolutely have to. Take Netflix for example, they have outsourced their computing and storage needs as well as implemented AI and ML. 

 The willingness to embrace new opportunities and invest is a big part of gaining a competitive advantage. It doesn't have to be risky, if you have the right tools and strategic business/development plan. Remember, not all processes look the same so why should their systems do? That’s were hyper automation plays an important part.

What would you recommend for companies that have already started to invest in AI and automations? 

For the companies that have already started, I would recommend them to give me a call, so we can help them implement hyper automation.

Johan Lorentzon

Tell us about your previous experience

Prior to starting at Turbotic, I worked as a management consultant for four years within the Data & Analytics division at EY. In my previous role, I led multiple digital transformation projects at global companies with a focus on intelligent automation and data management. I’m a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH) with a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

What do you think is the most exciting part of AI and automation right now?

We have reached a point where these technologies are not pilot experiments and fun side projects anymore, but real value drivers and a requirement for many businesses to remain competitive. Yet, we are only experiencing the beginning of this cross-industry transformation that will not only change how we work – but also how we think about business.

Why Turbotic?

Turbotic have chosen to take a lead position in addressing the challenges businesses face when embarking on their digital transformation journeys. I believe Turbotic offer a unique solution which will help businesses accelerate their growth by both freeing up capacity for value-adding tasks and maintain a business-driven digitalization agenda. Shortly put, the possibility to be part of a forefront company with this potential really inspires me.

What would you recommend to companies that are new to AI? How should they begin their journey?  

Start small but think big. I.e., do not try to implement all available technologies at once, but be aware of what tools are available and their potential. As with all great business transformation stories: set a vision, identify key milestones, and paint a long-term roadmap.

What would you recommend for companies that already have started to invest in AI and automations?

Be patient of that change takes time and require investments. All your endeavours will not be immediate successes but use these as opportunities do learn more about the do’s and don’ts to be better next time. Lastly, keep focus on the vision and the value-realisation which the technology enables, rather than on the technology itself.