Meet the students at Turbotic

May 3, 2021

They are smart, they are driven and they are up and coming! Meet our students at Turbotic.

Why did you choose Turbotic?

Emma: As soon as I heard about Turbotic it caught my interest. Turbotic has an exciting vision and offers superior solutions to an increasingly growing issue for companies. And it's a journey I have wanted to be a part of - it has given me the chance to apply what I’ve learned in my studies and also allowed me to immerse myself in my interests within automation and AI.

Axel: For me Turbotic has given me a great opportunity to be part of a startup with an interesting idea and vision. Also, Turbotic has helped to expand my knowledge in tech and entrepreneurship, two areas that I find incredibly exciting. Which made Turbotic an obvious choice for me.

Karin: I have always been interested in tech and to have the opportunity to learn from the ground up, is very exciting and just in time. Most of us will work with AI and Automation in one way or another in the near future, so why not get involved now and learn more. In addition, I thrive in an agile and fast paced environment and look forward to the challenges and determination that are part of a start-up. It is with great pleasure that I embark on this journey and it will be exciting to see where it takes us.

What did you find to be the best with Turbotic?

Emma: The best thing with Turbotic for me was that I got to work with highly driven and competent colleagues, who in addition to working hard with their own tasks, also supported my ideas, input, and knowledge. It’s a dynamic atmosphere where everyone contributes and it was extremely exciting learning from the rest of the team.

Axel: The best were the people, everyone was engaging and helpful. There was a clear and common goal which gave an awesome team-spirit to the company. I could not help but to be pulled along!

Karin: The ability to see a start-up firsthand was very exciting and one of the things I liked most. At Turbotic I could almost feel the vibrations and the excitement in the walls - they know they are on their way up and everyday new and exciting things are happening and it's just to buckle-up and join the ride.

What future trends do you see and how do you see them connecting to Turbotic?

Emma: For example, Hyperautomation, which explains the optimization of work processes by combining different technologies, such as RPA and AI. This increases the efficiency and enables companies to focus more on high-value activity. However, when having too many automated processes running, monitoring and managing control over them becomes harder - that’s exactly where Turbotic offers the solution.

Axel: The journey towards data driven companies is not new, but it is picking up speed and to make organizations more efficient and cost effective it is important to start the automation journey and set the goal. Which is what Turbotic does best.

Karin: Here in Sweden, the Piratebay generation has grown into entrepreneurs and leaders, having had the advantage of unlimited access to the internet and technology since childhood. Thus, leading AI and automation into the fourth industrial revolution. Which would basically be driven by an exponential growth in access to data and computing power, as well as deeply affected by the world of process understanding and user-friendliness. In presenting a revolutionary world opening up, Turbotics delivers the foundation for the leaders of the future to connect systems and processes and answer questions previously unanswered in their organization. Allowing them to fit into an ever faster and optimized world.

Why did you choose to study this specific field? How is it linked to AI and Automation?

Emma: I've always been interested in tech and math, as well as societal subjects, which is why I chose to study Sociotechnical Systems Engineering at Uppsala University. The program teaches awareness of technology's role in society, showing how AI and automation have started reforming enterprises and integration into humans’ work and is continuously increasing. Thus having a sizable impact on civilization.

Axel: I chose to study Industrial Engineering and Management directed towards a Master in Data Science. At a very young age I was fascinated by data and wanted to learn more. However, my studies are not purely within Data Science, a larger part is Industrial Engineering. Both areas are linked to AI and Automation in their own way. The technical part is essential for understanding the technology, while the economic part is for understanding where and how to apply the technology within an organization.

Karin: I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Business Management at Stockholm School of Economics. I am interested in Innovation and Business Development, both of which are courses in my program. I hope to learn how companies, large and small, stay innovative and occasionally overtake competitors. Today, AI and Automation are extremely relevant and provide efficiency gains that impact innovation. In addition, AI is also discussed in our digital marketing courses. In the future, I believe AI and Automation play a much larger part of all courses in a Management Program.