Get to know Turbotic's new Key Account Managers!

The Turbotic team welcome our new Account Managers Martin Westblom and Lina Lundin!

Why Turbotic?

• I have been working for global IT-companies for 14 years now. Technology changes at a rapid rate right now and I want to gain experience in this new field. The new technologies are here to stay – and I want to be part of it here at Turbotic. To be here from the very beginning is a huge energy boost, says Martin.
• I am very curious about the business idea itself - it is something new in the market. This is the future of technology, says Lina.
• We were both excited for the challenge to get this out on the market. We both wanted a big challenge where we can grow as a person, a colleague and an employee together for this company.

What is the most exciting part of AI and Automation (RPA) right now?

• There are so many news all the time. People have started to open their eyes to this. Automation is becoming truly relevant, says Lina.
• It is within my true belief that Automation and AI will change how we look at the world, says Martin. I wouldn't want to miss out on that journey.

What would you recommend to companies that is new to RPA and AI? How should they begin their journey?

•  The first step is to get help. By doing a proper Discovery to map out your company's processes. Thus you won't start looking into building AI or Automation not knowing where to go or if it makes a positive impact on your company. In other words, do it properly from the very beginning, says Lina.

• I believe it is important for companies and it will change how you work today. Automations and AI is not easy to implement, therefore I recommend having a partnership with us to let our analysts help you on your journey. And to analyze your organization's needs in a controlled and measurable way, says Martin.

What would you recommend for companies that already have started to investments in  Automation (RPA) & AI?

There is a clear market gap when it comes to managing, controlling, and operating Automation and AI. TurboticOS is the only platform which fits all these requirements when implementing your new digital workforce. We believe that, to be able to scale and realize the value of Automation, TurboticOS will be absolute key.