Get to know Turbotics new Head of Automation and AI Discovery Tomislav Andric

January 20, 2021

The Turbotic team welcomes Tomislav Andric as our new Head of Automation and AI Discovery. We asked him for some of his insights.

Why Turbotic?

With my experience from digital transformations at global companies, I have seen the struggle many of these companies are facing in implementing and scaling Automation and AI technologies. Turbotic’s approach and vision was the main part attracting me: addressing end-to-end process transformation through joining up several technologies - providing clients with an enterprise system for linking both methodology and Automation and AI technologies.

What is the most exciting part of AI and Automation right now?

We are entering a post-hype phase where there is an increased convergence in understanding of AI and how it can support improving operational efficiency and enhance customer value. While this is happening, companies need to establish the right capabilities in terms of competence, organization, processes, and system support within a range of different areas – from data management to value realization tracking. The technology have come quite far – but developing and supporting companies to establish these capabilities is particularly exciting.  

What would you recommend to companies that are new to AI? How should they begin their journey?

I would suggest a use case driven approach, where the first phase would be to evaluate different opportunities based on potential impact and effort. Upon that, the use case should not only be driven from a technical perspective but should help companies explore and define the necessary capabilities for scaling AI.

What would you recommend for companies that already have started to invest in AI & RPA?

From a process transformation perspective, the failure to join AI and other Automation capabilities will lead to a siloed approach where the largest ROI opportunities are missed. Creating cross-competence teams combining for instance AI, low-code and RPA is a necessary step in the evolution to most efficiently support business ambitions.