Automation Champions: Emerging AI Opportunities in Automation

April 19, 2023

The Automation Champion series paints the stories of pioneers in automation who are driving operational efficiency, optimizing bot licenses, and using AI to reduce error management. Most importantly, in today’s economic environment, these champions are driving business resilience, scaling automation, and reducing costs.  

In this webinar, Accelirate's CEO, Ahmed Zaidi, discusses trends and emerging opportunities in the automation market with Turbotic's President and COO, Shail Khiyara.

Ahmed Zaidi

Ahmed Zaidi is the CEO & the Chief Automation Officer at Accelirate. Passionate about automation, Ahmed started his career as a Wall Street Automation Engineer and prior to co-founding Accelirate, he founded a capital markets-focused consulting business in 2003 which was acquired in 2007 by a Global IT Service Provider. Having led large enterprise scale automation efforts at Global Investment Banks, Ahmed is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by organizations when tackling transformation projects. One of his key responsibilities at Accelirate is to lead our Automation, Machine Learning, and AI Programs to produce practical solutions that solve today’s business problems using the latest in cognitive and AI technologies.

Shail Khiyara

As a unicorn in this space, Shail has served as the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer at three leading firms (Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism & UiPath) and has helped shape this industry. Shail currently serves on the Board of multiple automation companies and is the President and COO of Turbotic. To give back to the automation community, he created a growing worldwide automation customer think tank aptly named VOCAL (Voice of the Customer in the Automation Landscape) that now comprises 70 of the world’s leading brands and COE leaders.